Satdaya Studios no longer offers custom services to clients.

We have a new mission!

Satdaya LLC uses modern software solutions to grow brands and maximize efficiency with automation.

On, we share success stories and “how to’s” with businesses, managers and marketing professionals through the Software for Success Program.

Software for Success - Accounting, Branding & Image, Customer Support, Marketing & Sales, Social Media, Team Management - Toolbox for working on the go!

What We Are Working On: Eventida

Ever since 20010, Satdaya LLC has been maintaining a free events posting site on the side,

In 2016, we started shutting down Studios’ custom web development and creative services and focusing full time on Eventida. Within months, we got accepted into a Silicon Valley accelerator program and released many new features!

The growth continues strong, with over 30,000 events and 1,300 users on Eventida!

Image of a guy in a wheelchair crowdsurfing at a concert, with wheelchair and all, with text #events4everyBODY over 25,000 events listed!