IMG_4292Satdaya Studios is now stepping into the spotlight! We are now looking for talented people to join the team for a creative multi-media company based in St. George, Utah. We’re now open to hire.

Being a very savvy, witty, multitalented team, we are looking to extend the Satdaya family. Check out our Jobs & Gigs Forum to learn more about the recent job openings that need to be filled, perhaps by you.

Check out these great job opportunities!

Assistant Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced individual that wants to be a part of an amazing team that share one goal: delivering the best, high-quality creative services possible. You should be able to lead the team into making the best product with big or small budgets. You are a multi-media guru who would love to join a team of like minded individuals who share the same standards of quality, positive attitude, and getting it done right. Teamwork and having fun, maintaining high energy and a sense of humor is important to you.

Event Coordinator & Promoter

We are looking for an experienced, high-energy event coordinator and promoter to join the team this summer, in St. George, Utah. If you are a professional who makes things happen fast, can operate on budgets big and small, tends to think BIG, and is creative with presenting events to the public in a way that makes it a “can’t miss!!” event – you are what we are looking for. Fluency in American Sign Language is required and fundraising experience a big plus.

Marketing Specialist

Satdaya is looking for a creative marketing rockstar that has an incredible skill for writing copy of all kinds, an eye for design, the ability to visualize what clients want, then put it on paper, experience working with web developers and doing content management. Ability to sign ASL (American Sign Language) a plus, willingness to learn required. also has ability or experience to write long-term, goal-oriented marketing plans. The ability to read, understand, and interpret web analytics and other marketing metrics. An even bigger plus: a background in film/video.

Social Media Specialist

If you can’t walk a block without the need to check Facebook or post an inspiring tweet, then look no further because this is your dream job! Satdaya is looking for a creative and outgoing social media maven that has an incredible skill for promoting on social media pages (ie. Facebook, etc.), an eye for design, a near perfect knowledge of current trends, and experience working with graphic designers, writers and clients. Ability to sign ASL (American Sign Language) a plus, willingness to learn, attention to detail, and excellent writing/spelling skills required.

Office Assistant/American Sign Language Interpreter

Satdaya is looking for a multi-talented people person to join our creative team – either an interpreting student or an interpreter looking for a new career opportunity. This is an excellent ground floor career opportunity for anyone who loves technology, the arts, and events. This position includes answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, filing documents, and interpreting on demand. Ability to travel a must, and a willingness to deal with unusual schedules.

Any of these job openings sound like something that’d be a good fit for you or a friend? Reach out to us, spread the word. We’d love to hear from you! Stay in touch with our social media and our websites to stay updated for more information.

Go to Satdaya’s Job & Gigs Forum to find out more about each job position and see if it’ll be just the job you’re looking for.