you-know-nothing-450In what sometimes feels like an eye-blink, other times eons, we’ve found ourselves celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our company. Naturally, I started thinking about the intense journey up to this point – our successes, our failures. Things I wish I knew.

To mark this milestone, I decided to imagine a conversation I would have with the 30 year old me. What would I say to myself 10 years ago? Easily a book’s worth of lessons learned! How can we possibly cover all of it in one blog? And, of course I always have to hit two birds – I want to the most out of this exercise.

So here’s the plan.┬áToday, I’m going to write about the 10 most important things I needed to know for a smoother journey in obtaining what I often call my “MBA from the school of hard knocks.”

Then, every month for the rest of this year, I will randomly pick one of those 10 things to write in depth about – sharing stories, insights, AND, here’s the fun part – perform a related challenge where we “practice what we preach.”

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10 Things I Wish I Knew

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